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Thank you for your inquiry on our bar code products. Since we are the manufacturer, you get a more knowledgeable level of support and service. We have many years of experience working exclusively with bar codes. Everyone who answers the phone when you call will be ready to help answer any questions and find the right solution for you. Our engineers and programmers are also always available to answer special questions and help solve your problems.

1. Solve customer problems
2. Ship new orders taken
3. Get new orders.

Fast Shipping
99%+ of customers orders are shipped the same day they are received by FedEx from our USA office ­ Which means you typically will receive the product in just 2-3 business days. For faster service you can also contact one of our local UK Resellers.

We All Take Trouble Calls
Our sales department doesn't just sell, they also have to take customer support calls, so they know what they are selling. All our incoming lines are also available for technical support calls. The person who answers the phone usually solves your problem without transferring you around.

Top Rated Exclusive Products
Where we are compared, we consistently come out ahead of all competitors. Most of our products have innovative features that are exclusively available from Worth Data.

Fast Repairs
If you do have a hardware failure, our dedicated RMA department can turn around your repaired unit in as little as 24 hours and return via FedEx shipping.

We Listen
Most of our products are the result of listening to our customer's complaints and suggestions. Critics are our best friends.

Easy to Do Business With
We specialize in personal support over the phone or via Email. In addition, you can always place an order in our online store during the times we aren't available via telephone.  We accept VISA & MasterCard credit cards as standard payment - we also accept bank wire transfers (contact us for wiring details).

Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all our products, in addition to a 2-3 year limited warranty on Worth Data hardware, decoders, and scanners.

Duties and VAT
We are a Business to Business (B2B) company selling goods from the USA to Europe and all of our pricing on this website and our online shopping carts, unlesss specially noted, are exclusive of VAT and any customs duties. Please provide us with your VAT and EORI number during checkout to insure proper handling of these charges.

Telephone Sales and Support
Since we are on the West Coast of the USA our phone hours start at 17:00 GMT - if you would like to talk to us directly at our USA headquarters please call +1 831-458-9938.

You can also Email us at any time and we will respond when we get into the office during our normal business hours.

Click here for complete contact information.

You can also contact one of our Worth Data Recommended Resellers for more local support.

Satisfied Customers
By far, our largest percentage of orders comes from previous customers who want more. We'd like to be your supplier too.

We're Not Just a Dealer
We don't just sell products from different manufacturers ­ we engineer and manufacture all the software and the vast majority of the hardware products we sell. As the manufacturer, we can provide accurate, fast support and repairs when you need it.

European Resellers
We have a strong group of dedicated UK and European based resellers who can help you as well - contact one of our Worth Data Recommended Resellers for more local support.


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