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Worth Data's barcode solutions will help simplify every day business activities,LT7003H  make complex tasks easier, and maximize productivity. As the developer & manufacturer of bar code readers and barcode printing software our products offer exclusive, unique features that are designed to be easy to use at an affordable price. Worth Data started in the bar code business in 1985 and during that time we have served over 90,000 customers worldwide.

We can help you choose the right bar code products for your needs - you can contact us directly or contact one of our UK & EU Based Resellers for local support. Shown below are some of our top selling items.

LabelRIGHT Ultimate

LabelRIGHT™ Ultimate Bar Code Labeling Software

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LZ310 Laser Scanner

LZ331 Laser Bar Code Scanners ● USB Keyboard Wedge

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LZ360-RF Cordelss Laser Scanners

LZ360-RF Cordless Laser Bar Code Scanner NEW!

The LZ360-RF Cordless Laser Scanners is our entry level wireless solution. Transmit scanned bar codes wirelessly 100-500 feet to a B700 USB Base Station. The LZ360RF includes a high speed laser scan engine perfect for reading tough, worn bar codes, plus it has a 12" scanning range. This scanner uses our easy to hold rugged, ergonomic handle, and includes a built-in long life Li-ion rechargeable battery. The B700 USB Base Station connects as a USB keyboard or serial device, and enters data into any application - just like keyed entry - just place your cursor anywhere you want bar code entry and scan!


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TriCoder with LZ331 Laser Scanner
5000 TriCoder™ Portable Data Collectors
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7003 RF Terminal System

7003 RF Laser Terminal £1122 / €1381 & Base £435 / €535

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7802 RF Terminal System

7802 Wi-Fi Wireless RF Terminal £935 / €1150

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